The haunted Fort of Bhangarh – Rajasthan, India

The Most Haunted Place in India

The Bhangarh fort is known to be the most haunted place in India. Here are some true facts about haunted fort of Bhangarh which are hard to believe:

  • The fort was used to be 7 storey high but now it is left with only 4 storey.
  • The entrance to the fort is banned after sunset because it is said that nobody ever returned from there after spending night.
    Bhangarh fort entrance prohibited - published by government of india
  • According to history, the place was cursed by a black magician and as per the curse, the souls’ will stay there for centuries without rebirth.
  • Another interesting fact is that the houses in that area don’t have roofs. If anybody builds roof on their house, it collapses.
    Isn’t it strange!! but yes, that’s true.
  • Some researchers stated that temperature of the fort changes unexpectedly place to place.
  • Contradicting the above things, we can’t neglect the below fact.
    The famous ‘Ghost hunter’ Gaurav Tiwari, who died because of some mysterious reason on 7th July 2016, spent a whole night in the fort 5 years back and tried to contact with ghosts. But after that he claimed that he didn’t find any traces of ghosts there.
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