Essential Things to carry While Travelling

WARNING : Travelling can Chill you

Most people make a plan a trip to run someplace out of this cityshit but fortunately some of them are able to final their trip rest are stuck as always just thinking and dreaming like me.

But for those of you who are able to make it, make sure you carry these 10 essential things always with you while travelling otherwise nothing will happen, you can still spend your trip cheerfully n have lots of fun because its all upto you. L O L.

1. Peace of Clothes

Clothes in travel must haves

Obviously when you will travel you are not gonna roam around naked, you will pack but choose wisely which pair of clothes suits you most and you get clicked better. For men generally 3 jeans, 4 shirt/Tshirt, a boxer n a lower n some extra tees are best for a week. For girls its better, if i don’t say anything, even if say something do you think they will listen, so girls, continue rocking. (Remember my quote ” All boys are men n all women are girls”). Next thing always carry a sexy yellow looking Rain Coat with you, because walking in rain with a raincoat is fun. Now lets come to undergarments – you should feel extremely shameful that you need my advice over that. Grow up and choose your own underwear (yukk) or whatever it is. Lets run to the next topic.

2. Hey you Gadgets

Gadgets - travel essentials

Come’on, i am not going to say that carry your mobile because i know you can forget anything but mobile no, na n never. But remember to carry power-bank n that too charged if you have not charged it yet n leaving tomorrow or next week, Just plug it in now. Also tell your friends to carry their own because sharing is not caring everytime. Lol thrice. Camera i would say if you are a professional or a guy who knows a thing about photography then only you should take a chance otherwise why the hell these samsung, iphones are yelling so much about their cameras. Along with that carrying a trimmer is also an important thing otherwise you will regret seeing your photos later. Be a gentleman, man. Bluetooth speakers are also worth picking.

3. Lock the lock

As you are already aware that kalyug is going on. So, in this scenario, one should not trust on anyone even if they belong to satyug. Keep a small lock which you can hook up with your jeans and closed zips of your bag, now you are free to sleep in a camp, road, valley or in a jungle.

4. Shoes

One pair of sports or casual wear and one pair of flip- flops will do fine. But choose less weighing shoes and leave formals where they are, you are not going in your own marriage.

5. Whistle

Carrying whistle is very important, if you don’t know how to whistle by your own and a beautiful girl pass by you. Stop, never do that. Keep this whistle for any emergency. Because bad time never comes with prior notification atleast you will be able to notify that the bad time has come.

6. Torch

Torch can be a fun if you love to roam in night it gives a different feel otherwise it will be useful in paths also.

7. Compass

Learn how to use compass first nothing else.

8. Toiletries

Pack your face cream, lip balm, tooth brush, body wash including hairs all in one, comb, hair oil or gel, paper soap. Don’t bother for toilet papers, tissue paper will do it. Choose your toiletries seriously n carefully.

The list hasn’t ended yet. Keep reading to know Essential Things to Carry While Travelling.

9. Bag

I totally forgot to mention that you will need a bag to carry all these things while travelling. So pickup any good looking bag of size depends on the number of days, your trip is but make separate sections of clothes, toiletries, gadgets and other

If you are adult BUGGER OFF NOW go make your life cause stuff down there is for kids n amateurs.

10. Booze

Booze is very important thing to carry because you never know when you get late, stuck in jam or sometime you don’t need a reason. Its always better to carry such an important stuff always with you otherwise it can lead to quarrels among friends ” saale tujhe bola tha sath rakhle ben****10.

Also in most of the tourist place the booze is often costlier (except Goa, ok) than what you might get from your local theka’s. Also, make sure the limitations of the city & transport in which you are travelling. There are lots of places where it’s ban.

11. First second and third aids

Because you have drinking issues and i am sure most of you would not be able to hold on your limits so it is recommendable to pick some medicines related to hangover, for vomiting issues, for cold places some fever and cough related tablets, and if you drop yourself somewhere and injure yourself have a bandage or Antiseptic will work like a girlfriend in your pain. My personal favorite is black salt which prevents vomiting and sometimes when you don’t find snacks it keeps your mood on.

12. Cigarettes

Losing Cigarettes or forget to carry can cause severe headache n finally depression to those awesome, dashing smokers who travels only because they love to smoke with a view in-front of them. Lol twice. Cigarettes are easily available in most of the places but finding your favorite brand becomes a tedious job sometimes. So my advice is to put it in your packing list. “Pahado ke bharose mat baithna, kya pata pahaad tumhare bharose baithe ho”

Now that i have told you what you should carry while travelling now its not my duty but still to raise the content i will tell you some tips

To avoid things while travelling

If your packing a sweater or a towel dont packup your usual one as it will eat up alot of your space in your bag, there are special towels and sweater or warm slim blankets which are specially made for travelling and are very slimmy and will perfectly fit in that box of yours.

If you are a wild beast from inside and outside a wild fucking fat bear so my suggestion to you will be to avoid trekking on unusual place or heights which can endanger your life because for these yanky things you should have a balance of your body. If your perfectly fit then you can take your chances and doing these activities is really fun.

Don’t be an annoying selfish person
I am referring this to those personalities who see the world through their cam first then give chance to their eyeballs. No matter where they go if they see anything fantastic they just can not help themselves and their fingers go on cam, then switch camera and starts taking selfie’s rather than experiencing the place first. You must enjoy, feel, experience the view, place or whatever beauty is there, first, then before leaving you are allowed to capture it, until unless its gonna disappear if you did not capture it first.

Don’t stay high all the time
As your going to experience something new, something out of order from your usual life, please spare your brain and body for sometime. They have right to feel things and take some freshness out of those in their natural senses. Being high snatches that internal happiness from you in its natural form.

Avoid staying up late night
Why i am saying this is because most of us have a habit of waking up late and killing our time in nights but i suggest you to scramble this routine once you are travelling somewhere where there is not much of a nightlife. And when you wake up before the sun wakes up and go out for a walk and experience the freshness of the new place only then you will understand why i am saying this. You will be amazed to experience the different kind of thing in that environment. It will be worth of your trip.

Avoid troubles
Never get into unnecessary arguments or fights with the locals of the place you are visiting. Remember even dogs are lions in their street. Don’t drag yourself in quarrels with someone even if you win the battle but it will spoil up or lighten down your whole mood of that trip.

In this post, I am sure I reminded you something that you forgot to pack before. And if you are thinking “Yes, that’s true“, share the post with your friends so that they won’t go into any trouble during their trip.

We will love to read your trip experience and it would be great if you tell us what did you forget to carry and how it affected your trip. All the best, Happy Journey.

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